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By Nicki Ross, Principal

Blog published 11th December 2017 | Category: New College Worcester

For many Friday night is sacrosanct, a literal and symbolic end to the working week - unless of course you work shifts as a nurse, care worker, hospital porter, policeman, doctor, etc and keep the local community working.

When I found myself volunteering for a trip to the local rugby club on a Friday night with a many of our young charges I wondered what I had let myself in for. The cold was biting, the bleak mid-winter had certainly descended and hard-hitting rugby is the wrong sport for me!

However, the experience had a positive and warming effect. The relationship between NCW and the Worcester Warriors is a warm and intimate one. Their kindness towards our school and, more importantly, our students is both gratifying and all-embracing. Our students were greeted and treated like VIPs – they were at the centre of proceedings - quite literally, when they took to the centre of the field at half-time to demonstrate the new sport of VI rugby, Hugby.

Such kindness was not only afforded by the Warriors Rugby Club; the staff and volunteers of NCW, who ensured that our students were kept warm by supplying blankets and copious cups of hot chocolate, are a credit. The mountains of hot chips and the cart-wheels of piping hot pizza ensured that our students' rapacious appetites were satisfied - which is no mean feat. The action from those “man-mountains” on the sports field ensured our night was a complete success and lest we forget to cheer, we were regularly accompanied by JB's alternative carol that encouraged all to chant their support.

What warmed me up more than anything was the unconditional acts of kindness and generosity of spirit from all involved and to think - it’s not even Christmas yet! Merry Christmas everyone...

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