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By David Hinds, Head of English at NCW

Blog published 14th July 2016 | Category: Top Tips

The summer holidays are upon us. Endless days of sun, er rain, lounging around, relaxing. However, the holidays are also a time when students can begin to deskill themselves as they forget what they learnt at school. Of crucial importance is reading, the physical act of reading. Although it is great to enjoy the magic of being transported into other worlds via audio books, it is the actual skill of reading for yourself which gives you true ownership of the experience as well as ensuring that speed and accuracy of reading develop instead of atrophy from disuse.

Over the summer we have set students a reading challenge (see the homework sheet) and it is great if parents and carers support the challenge. Just by listening to a child reading for ten minutes every day (or even three or four times a week) makes a tremendous difference. It doesn’t matter if you can’t read braille yourself, what matters is you can listen and understand, and give feedback. Ask questions: what do you think will happen next? Who’s your favourite character? What’s happening? All of these encourage active reading and engagement.

Reading is an essential skill for exams and for life. It also has the benefit of being pleasurable. So why not join in child and read a book this summer?

Have a great holiday.

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