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Travel and Tourism

Head of Department: Mr Stuart Snowdon


The BTEC First award in Travel and Tourism is a vocational course and is aimed at giving students an understanding and skills that could help them gain employment in the travel and tourism industry, or go and study the subject at higher levels. It will also give students skills that they could take to any form of employment in any setting.

Travel and Tourism Collage

Examples of Adaptations for Visually Impaired Students

The challenges of meeting the needs of a student with a visual impairment include:

  • The need to understand and interpret graphs
  • Navigating and filtering research materials through the internet
  • Assessment using visual stimulus materials
  • Lack of incidental learning which is acquired through sight

A number of adjustments are made to our teaching to meet the needs of our students with a visual impairment:

  • Structured work on developing research skills, through the use of resource banks of large print, Braille and electronic materials
  • Internet materials and sites are screened for access and where necessary reproduced in another format to allow ease of use
  • Use of tactile diagrams e.g. graphs and tables


BTEC First award in Travel and Tourism:

The course includes two core units that form the fundamental knowledge and understanding of the travel and tourism sector, followed by a selection of four optional specialist units from which a further two are chosen.

Unit 1 is assessed with an external exam, which will be taken at the end of the first year. The exam will include multiple choice questions through to questions that require extended writing.

The other units are assessed internally via a number of assignments for each unit; these assignments will build up a portfolio of work.