Educating young people who are blind or vision impaired

Learning Support/Personal Care Assistant

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SCP5–6, £19,312 – £19,698 fte

pro rata salary for 25 hours: £10,922 – £11,140

25 hours per week, term time only                                                         
Closing Date:       
09.00 Monday 31 January 2022


w/c Monday 31 January 2022

Purpose of the Job:

To support students, individually or in group, to develop effective study and organisational skills and to instil, practise and encourage good standards of behaviour.

Main Tasks:

  • To work with a student, possibly on a one-to-one basis, in order to:
    • develop an understanding of the special needs of the student concerned;
    • explain the requirements for effective social skills within a College context;
    • to develop study and organisational skills
    • to develop and implement strategies to encourage good behaviour.
  • To work with students in class, to support them in practising and reinforcing their study, organisational and social skills.
  • To keep the student on task and to build motivation, to encourage the inclusion of all students within the class.
  • To escort the student from and to the residential house to support effective preparation for College and for after College activities and to further practise and develop effective social skills.
  • To communicate effectively with students’ Form Tutors, teachers and Houseparents.
  • Where appropriate, to act as liaison between the students and members of staff.
  • To be involved in keeping records and evaluation of the student’s programme.
  • To work as part of the team in relation to an individual student, liaising, advising and consulting where appropriate.
  • To be aware of College policies and procedures, including those relating to confidentiality.
  • To identify personal in-service needs and to attend appropriate internal and external in-service training.
  • To complete a First Aid Course.
  • To participate in trips and visits beyond NCW, offering support for students whilst learning beyond the campus.
  • To establish supportive relationships with the student concerned and to encourage acceptance and inclusion of all students.
  • To assist with lunch and break-time supervision of students on a rota basis.
  • To work independently with specific children on specific tasks and activities. To oversee, manage and supervise those students undertaking lesson activities independently on an occasional basis, under the overall responsibility of the teacher.
  • To assist with the physical and medical needs of students requiring specialist personal hygiene, self-care (including incontinence) and to manage the physical needs of young people with regard to health and safety as required.
  • To attend to the physical and medical needs of students requiring specialist care, for example assisting with one-to-one feeding, administering medication etc.
  • To meet the mobility needs of students assisting in the use of a wheelchair/hoist, ensuring compliance with safe lifting procedures and associated training (under the guidance of students’ Physiotherapist/ Occupational Therapist or other health professional).
  • To assist with the physical and medical needs of students requiring specialist care, for example following physiotherapy, sports therapy or occupational therapy programmes under the direction of appropriate agencies.
  • To ensure the use of daily communication between home and College reporting on all areas of care needed throughout the College day (via book or email, as agreed by College and Parent/Carer).
  • To assess, monitor and record student progress, health, behaviour and general wellbeing. To feedback any information (including concerns) regarding the well-being, health and educational needs of children to the appropriate senior member of staff ie LSA Co-ordinator, SL: Student Wellbeing, SENCo, Nurse, Principal.

Equal Opportunities Statement:

New College Worcester (NCW) is committed to becoming an equal opportunities organisation.  It is committed to promoting equal opportunities and preventing discrimination.  This policy applies both to service delivery and to its own employment practices.  You will be willing and able to demonstrate commitment to NCW’s Equal Opportunities Policy.

Safeguarding Children:

NCW is fully committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of students at the College.  You are responsible for adhering to the College’s policies on Child Protection and for promoting and safeguarding the welfare of children and young people you come into contact with.

Annual review:

This job description will be reviewed annually and may be subject to amendment or modification at any time after consultation with the post holder.  It is not a comprehensive statement of procedures and tasks but sets out the main expectations of NCW in relation to the post holder’s professional responsibilities and duties.

This document is to be read in the context of NCW Statement of Purpose, NCW Equal Opportunities Statement, and agreed policies of the NCW and the Conditions of Service as outlined in the individual employee’s contract.

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