Educating young people who are blind or vision impaired

Relief Care Staff

Posted 2 months ago

£11.46 per hour (SCP5, casual rate)

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Purpose of the Job:

To work at short notice with teenage students who are blind or vision impaired, and provide a high standard of care in a proficient and sensitive manner that will enhance their academic and social development.

Main Tasks:

  1. To assist in delivering a comprehensive care programme appropriate to the age and understanding of the student.  The programme will address living skills with the aim of the students becoming competent at carrying them out independently. This will involve, amongst others, skills-training in personal hygiene; nutrition and self catering; general skills required in managing money and personal safety.
  2. To assist in providing and encouraging access to a range of leisure pursuits.
  3. To assist in providing opportunities for students to develop socially into a mature and confident young person.
  4. To liaise with the staff team in order to achieve a comprehensive approach to the student’s development.
  5. To support the student in coming to terms with the effect of visual and other impairments.
  6. To maintain confidentiality on all matters relating to students, staff and the College.
  7. To ensure that records are kept in accordance with school requirements and current legislation.
  8. To be willing to undertake continued professional development appropriate to the role of Relief Care.
  9. To attend staff meetings as requested.
  10. This job description cannot be considered to be exhaustive and other duties not included may arise which you will be expected to fulfil. The additional duties will be determined by circumstance and/or as requested by your Line Manager.

Equal Opportunities Statement:

New College Worcester (NCW) is committed to becoming an equal opportunities organisation.  It is committed to promoting equal opportunities and preventing discrimination. This policy applies both to service delivery and to its own employment practices.  You will be willing and able to demonstrate commitment to NCW’s Equal Opportunities Policy.

Safeguarding Children:

NCW is fully committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of students at the College.  You are responsible for adhering to the College’s policies on Child Protection and for promoting and safeguarding the welfare of children and young people you come into contact with.

Annual review:

This job description will be reviewed annually and may be subject to amendment or modification at any time after consultation with the post holder.  It is not a comprehensive statement of procedures and tasks but sets out the main expectations of NCW in relation to the post holder’s professional responsibilities and duties.

This document is to be read in the context of NCW Statement of Purpose, NCW Equal Opportunities Statement, and agreed policies of the NCW and the Conditions of Service as outlined in the individual employee’s contract.

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