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Operating Theatre Live!

In anticipation for British Science Week (6 – 15 March), the NCW gym was transformed in to a real life operating theatre!

On Monday 2 March, we welcomed Operating Theatre Live, an award-winning event which offers a curriculum-linked learning experience based around the dissection of real anatomical specimens in a simulated operating theatre.

Students from both upper and lower school were excited at the chance to step into the shoes of a surgeon and get very hands on with real anatomy such as hearts, brains and intestines! Whilst no humans had to donate their organs for the event, it was real swine organs that students were able to experience. For the less adventurous there were silicon models of humans to dissect and descriptions to listen to so that each student was able to really benefit from the experience.

NCW Science Technician Mrs Blake, said: “I’m absolutely positive the students will remember this forever and it might even inspire some of them to consider medical science as a career path. Or maybe butchery will be their thing!”

Learning in a tactile way is so important for our students at NCW. This experience was truly a great opportunity where pupils were able to understand the different structures of the organs they were dissecting, with the ability to ask any questions along the way. It forms just one of a number of special activities planned for Science Week.

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