Inspiring, nurturing and empowering young people with a vision impairment.


If you have had a good look around our website and would like to find out more, please do get in touch. All students at NCW have a vision impairment as their main special educational need and some students have other additional needs such as a hearing impairment or mild learning difficulties.

It is wise to begin the process as early as possible to allow sufficient time for the funding process. We recommend that potential students attend their assessment at least 12 months before their intended date, if that is possible. 

If you are thinking about NCW for transition into Year 7 it is appropriate to start investigating your options while the child is still in Year 4.

It is important that NCW is named as your preferred choice of school on EHCPs and in the school transition process.

Our admissions programme runs throughout the year and we can can accept new students at any time. Many of our new starters join us part way through a year, into any year group – often the funding process can take longer than anticipated.

Inspire, nurture and empower young people with a vision impairment to achieve their potential

I have always been impressed with the support you have all given [son] and the quality of the teaching he has received.

I was so nervous at first when I dropped him off, I thought I was making a mistake. But after speaking with him and then picking him up on Tuesday we knew it was the right place. His confidence was incredible, I think that independence for him and the caring environment just allowed him to thrive! So thank you
Getting our son into NCW, despite all of the stress involved, has been the best thing we have ever done. He has struggled at previous primary schools, and I just knew that if he had the right tools in the right environment, he would flourish and come on in leaps and bounds! He is proving us right. He has a lust for learning and absolutely loves his life at NCW.

Admissions Criteria

The criteria for acceptance at NCW are for students to:

  • Have vision impairment as their primary SEN, with or without additional SEND, and require access to the VI specialist curriculum
  • Be capable of learning through the National Curriculum and following courses leading to recognised qualifications
  • Have the potential to contribute to and benefit from being part of a social group

"I am overwhelmed by the care and support that [daughter] receives with you. The young lady we have at home is healing from failures previously, and becoming settled and confident in her abilities, and place in the world. She LOVES her lessons. She is totally engaged, included and challenged. You lot are flipping awesome. A massive heart felt thank you."

Visit us

The process often starts by arranging a visit. Visits usually run from 11am to 2pm during which we will take you round the campus and answer your questions over lunch. You will be able to drop into lessons, have a look around the residential accommodation and meet some students and staff. 

You can also attend one of our family events or open days. Details can be found by clicking the image below.

White text on a blue background - NCW feels like it is a little piece of heaven! said by visitor

Application Form

The next step is to complete the College application form and inform your Local Authority of your application. We can help you with this.


We will then invite your son or daughter for a residential assessment, when we can give them a taste of College life.

They will be assessed academically in different areas of learning during the school day and will stay with other students in one of the houses so we can assess them residentially and socially.

The staff who have been involved, contribute to a report which is submitted to the Senior Leadership Team, the SENCo and the College Nurse who collectively decide if NCW is able to meet the needs of the young person.

M felt so comfortable and relaxed during her assessment, and felt she was being ‘listened to’ finally. She was able to let her guard down, and felt confident to chat and engage which is something she doesn’t tend to do at her current college.


If we think we can meet their assessed needs, we will make a provisional offer and send a full report to the Local Authority to support the funding application.

About EHC Plans

Having an EHC plan means the different agencies that provide your education, health and social care support will need to work more closely together to help you achieve your goals and make sure you are supported in the best way possible. You can find out more about Education Health and Care Plans from the Government website (www.gov.uk) or from a VI Support Charity such as VICTA UK or the RNIB.

Just let us know when you get in touch. Please contact our Liaison Officer, Tracey Smith, to arrange your visit by emailing [email protected]call 01905 763933 or complete the enquiry form below

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