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Winter Wildlife Watch

With our NCW campus being so pleasantly located in the midst of the Worcestershire countryside, it is a prime location for lots of creatures and critters to pay us a visit!

During the hustle and bustle of the busy school days, it is often that we don’t get time to pay attention to our NCW wildlife – however, during the still and quiet that lockdown brings as we once again embark on our virtual learning at home, it is quite a different story!

Senior Houseparent, Alan, who lives on campus, has been busy helping to preserve the wildlife at NCW and has kept students and staff updated with some great photos too!

Alan said: “Since lockdown, I’ve been helping the wildlife with a new bird table, hanging bird feeders and some new bird nesting boxes. As well as a large array of birds using the table and feeders, we have also had visits from our resident squirrels who, along with the young foxes, are partial to the fat balls!

The squirrels are being very adept and amazingly agile in their quest to reaching these tasty snacks. Being so quiet on site has made the foxes a common sight during the day and night, much to the annoyance of Pip our dog, who shows his displeasure most nights by barking when they come by or chasing scent trails when out for a walk.

The new bird boxes have already started to attract some attention from a few blue tits, so hopefully we will have some young this year.”

What a lovely place it is to be at NCW – even the wildlife agree!

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