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Principal of NCW along with supporters jump from plane at 12,000 feet

The wait was finally over for Nic, Principal of NCW, along with fellow supporters of the college, as their pledge to skydive from 12,000 feet turned into a reality on Sunday 13 June!

Taking place at Hinton Airfield in Brackley – Nic, two NCW parents Max and Adam, and local supporters Finley and Ted, nervously received their training and safety briefing before beginning the climb to 12,000 feet in the plane.

With it being such a warm, beautiful and clear day – it couldn’t have been a better opportunity to admire the fantastic views before making the leap!

Strapped to a qualified and experienced instructor, the plane door opened and one by one, NCW’s skydivers took to the blue skies freefalling at over 120mph. The parachute flew open at 5,000 feet from ground, and allowed the tranquil descent back onto land whilst each team member were able to catch their breath!

Reflecting on her tandem skydive, Nic said: “I thought it was all about raising the profile of the College. I thought it was about fundraising for NCW. In the end, it wasn’t about any of those things. In the end, it was about me – sitting on the edge of small plane, 12,000 feet above the ground, under a huge, glorious sky; this day must go down as one of the most exhilarating and memorable days of my life. My only connection to the outside world was the man strapped to my back and I didn’t even know Patch’s first name.  However, I will never forget him and I’ll never forget freefalling through the sky at 120mph. As the ground raced up towards me, for once it didn’t remind me of a Roadrunner cartoon, it just reminded what a joy it is to be alive. As we came skidding to a halt, at 35 mph, as the true professional I am, my thoughts gathered and collected: this must raise the profile of our beloved College and I must tally up the sponsorship money when I get home. The experience for me as a whole, was profoundly and reassuringly… priceless.

Thanks to Patch – and Max and Adam – it was a pleasure.”

Well done to everyone who got involved and supported NCW along the way. The team managed to raise an amazing £5,000 which will go towards the care and support of NCW students!

If you’d like to take part in the next skydive in October, visit the event page.

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