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New students settle in to life at NCW

It is the start of a brand new school year, which means that there are new students to welcome to NCW! With a new group of Year 7 students and some new additions to the Sixth Form, the school is brimming with excitement, enthusiasm and friendships!

This year’s new group of Year 7s have enjoyed settling into both school and residential life. With trepidation in their stride, they have thrown themselves into subjects and learning new things such as routes around campus and the school building, and new techniques to implement into everyday life.
Some of their favourite subjects include: PE, Science, English, IT and Maths. Alongside lessons, they are all partaking in activities outside of the school day. After speaking to students, Bushcraft, tandem riding, Bacha and choir were amongst the favourites!

The Year 12 students who have just joined the school are immensely enjoying NCW, along with the increased independence and freedom that it brings from making their own drinks to walking around the campus independently.
The first weekend at NCW the Year 12 cohort went on an overnight camp where they got to try paddle boarding and raft building; which were great activities to help with teamworking, communication and friendships.

All of the students are looking forward to the school year ahead and all the opportunities it will bring.

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