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World Languages and Me

To mark this year’s European Day of Languages on Sunday 26 September, the NCW Modern Foreign Languages department launched a cultural diversity project to students, World Languages and Me. The lucky winner/s would be treated to a special French breakfast!

NCW is such a varied community, so rather than focusing on just European languages and cultures, embracing the world seemed to be much more fitting with our own school community.

Ms Molina, Head of Modern Foreign Languages, instructed students to work in forms, groups, pairs or individually to come up with their own innovative and creative way to showcase world languages. Ideas included writing a poem, a song, designing a poster, creating a quiz and thinking of an imaginative anagram for the title of the project. It didn’t take long for students to get cracking on their submissions!

There have been some brilliant entries consisting of all sorts of mediums, students have put a lot of effort into their work and it was certainly a very difficult task to judge and choose deserving winners! However, after much deliberation and many different languages, winners selected were:

  • Amelie and Evie – for their British Sign Language and hand on hand (Deaf/Blind) signed poem written by Dot Miles and performed by both Amelie and Evie, along with Miss Tasker. Miss Gilbert kindly directed the video and provided a voiceover.
    The video can be viewed on YouTube!
  • Roman – for his very original diary entry in English and Japanese.

As a reward for their excellent and hard work, Ms Molina treated Amelie, Evie and Roman to a delicious French breakfast experience. On the menu were a selection of brioche, chocolate filled crepes, orange juice and flavoured milks. French music was also provided for the extra ambiance! Students were very pleased with their break-time treat.

Bien joué to all students and their entries!

Roman's Diary Entry

World languages day entry


Shin’ainaru diary 01.01.2025

Kon’ichiwa watashinonamaeha hinatadesu. Sorry I am only just learning English, I’m Hinata which is (towards the sun) I learned diary but I don’t know how you would say shin’ainaru yet but I am using this diary to just write all the important things that happen.


Dear diary 14.02.2025

Today I learned that shin’ainaru means dear so people in England would say dear diary. The English language is very confusing, nazenara they just throw random letters in words like thought, personally I think they should just remove the whole language and make it easier like spell thought like thaut. That would be much easier. By the way I just google translated and nezenara is actually because which is another stupid way of spelling a word. But on a different matter today was valentine’s day and you will never guess what. While I was sat at the back of the class while all girls in the class were out giving chocolate to everyone and honmel-choco to the person that she really likes. I was not expecting anything, I was always the quiet child that liked to do a lot of studying but wasn’t really interested in anything romantic. however, there was this one girl called Sakura who I did really like she was cute and smart, but I was at peace knowing that the sun would most likely explode before she ever even acknowledged me (that’s my new favourite word in English acknowledged it may be spelled more messily than my bedroom but it sounds so sophisticated). Anyway, back to thing you wouldn’t guess, so I was sitting at the back of class when someone started walking towards me. I had to look behind me to make sure that they weren’t looking at anyone else, but then I realised, I was stood at the back so it can’t have been anyone else. Sakura was walking right towards me, with a bar of honmel-choco in her hand. The rest was a bit of a blur, and I worry I may have a heart failure just recalling the event so I am going to have a break and write whenever something else of interest happens.


Dear diary 04.04.2025

Today was Easter which I learned, after a bit of research,  that the decorating eggs, chocolate hunts, are all actually English traditions and originally japan never actually celebrated Easter but its still fun anyway. I’m bored and I don’t want this entry to only be 2 lines long so I decided to look up the longest word in the English Jisho and mpare it to the one in the Japanese jisho so basicly the jpanese longest word is toragahitowokamoutosurutokinounarigoe and English longest word is pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. However, apart form that I don’t really have much else to say.


Dear diary 23.08.2025

Today was my birthday it was so amazing I got the latest manga for my favourite anime (my hero academia) and I got a Victoria sponge cake, my favourite, and it was decorated in the shape of a guitar which is amazing because I started learning guitar to play all my favourite songs. Okay I admit that was a bit of a long sentence but I am just so excited to write down all the things that happened today. I even got an electric guitar which I am very excited about as I have wanted one for a very long time. As far as the party went we didn’t really do much we just had some close friends and family round on the back garden where I put on a little gig with my new guitar and my friend who brought their drum kit with them. It was a great day and I also found out that this is usually quite similar to the birthday of someone from England which is very exciting. I have decided that when I am older I want to go on holiday to England and see what it is like over there. I have already picked a place, its called Centre Parks which is located in a place called Sherwood forest which has this mystical myth about a person called Robbin Hood who sounds quite interesting and I want to learn more about them.


Dear diary 31.10.2025

Today was Halloween and it sure was crazy everyone gathered on the main road that goes through most of the city. We were all in the craziest of costumes there were some Shinigami and some yurei and even some sukeruton. We all had a great big party that lasted well into the early hours of the morning just having a good time blasting music through as many speakers as we could get our hands on. I always love Halloween because you can be whoever you want to be and just have fun there are no rules or any strict conditions it’s just a great big street party. I actually just researched what they do in England and it’s kind of insane, I mean they knock on each other’s doors saying “trick or treat” and expecting sweets from these strangers that they have never met. While cool in some aspects I find England very difficult to understand, but in terms of the language I have found this amazing invention called a thesaurus which takes words and gives you more interesting ones. So I am now very close to speaking fluent English.



Christmas, in some respects is similar to Halloween in the respect that everyone is just partying because they can, but this time we don’t wear costumes. Instead lots of couples and friends meet up to arrange a get together or even sometimes a first date, just like me and Sakura were doing earlier. It’s a time for fun and celebration if you don’t like Christmas, you have no place in japan.


Dear diary 01.01.2026

I can’t believe another year has gone past already. 1 year ago today was the first time I ever even wrote in this diary. So much as happened. I met got a girlfriend in Sakura, I partied till I could no longer party and I even got my own electric guitar. Apart from the general “it’s a new year,” thing last night and well this morning I suppose, was the craziest night ever me and my family had a lot of fun and when it got a bit earlier we all went over to the temple to celebrate even more and it has just been an all out amazing year. Oh, and by the way my new years resolution is to go on holiday to England and tell them how much of idiot there all being by spelling thought like that, and I think that one year of entries is plenty enough (stupid spelling) and I think that everything from now will be fairly (stupid spelling) good so I guess that I have nothing else to say apart from

Arigatōgozaimashita to sayonara (thankyou and goodbye)hinata

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