Inspiring, nurturing and empowering young people with a vision impairment.

Give the gift of independence this Christmas

Are you wondering what to get as stocking fillers for a young person who is blind or vision impaired? Or maybe you would like some ideas on useful gifts! 

Take a look at our handpicked goodies below, specially selected by Miss Emanuel, Head of Independent Living Skills!

Sistema Microwave Pot
These are so popular and can be found in most supermarkets or cookware stores! They are available in lots of different sizes for various foods and allow safe heating. The handle is easy to use and stays cool – perfect for warming something up and eating straight from the pot! 

Talking thermometer
The RNIB probe is very simple and easy to use with a clear voice and easy to see LCD display.

It has been tried and tested by RNIB and is used in our own ILS department! Great for allowing young people to get accustomed to cooking their own food.

Palm Peeler
From RNIB, the Palm Peeler is a really super little gadget allowing quick and easy peeling of all fruit and vegetables.

Tactile Measuring Spoons
These provide clear and effective markers to ensure exact measurements when cooking. The spoons are ideal for those with reduced vision as measurements are marked in both large bold font and braille. Designed to be dishwasher safe, the sets also features large handles for easy grip and a dripless spout for a clean pour. The set also includes a leveller.

Other brilliant and useful ideas for gifts:

  • Dycem jar and bottle opener
  • Dycem mats
  • Oven gloves
  • Aira subscription
  • Lego audio and braille instructions
  • Rubik’s Tactile Cube
  • Signature guide
  • Braille Uno
  • Audio football
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