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Student Fundraising Committee raise money for Ukraine

In light of the recent event in Ukraine, the Student Fundraising Committee wanted to raise funds for Ukraine Aid Charities.  They organised a week of events that all the students could join in with. 
As well as a delicious bake sale and a non uniform day, the students arranged a ‘throw the sponge at the teacher.’ Squeals of laughter and joy were heard all over the College as Miss Ross, Ms Emanuel and Mr James braved the students armed with wet sponges. The students worked really well together and supported each other in their aim to get the teachers as wet as possible.  To say that the teachers got soaked, would be an understatement! 
Well done students and thank you to Miss Ross, Ms Emanuel and Mr James for being such good sports.
image of Mr James, very wet with a sponge just been thrown into his lap
action shot of a student throwing a sponge at a teacher.
image of Mr James after the event. he is very wet, including his sunglasses
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