Inspiring, nurturing and empowering young people with a vision impairment.

Movement for Good 2022 – Please nominate New College Worcester

The 2022 Movement for Good nominations have opened and with enough nominations NCW could receive £1000. 

£1,000 could make a big difference and that’s why we’d be really grateful if you could nominate us. Your nomination could be the one that wins us £1,000.

Hundreds of charities stand to gain £1,000 and we’d love to be one of them. 

It’s quick and easy to nominate us. Just follow this link and enter your details.

Once you’ve nominated us, our name will be in the pot for all three draws which are scheduled for June, September and December 2022.

The more nominations we get, the greater our chance of winning, so please spread the word to your
friends and family.

Thank you in advance for your time and support.

logo for movement for good. There is text at the bottom 'Please nominate us and help us win'.
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