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Students raise money for Ukranian charity

Students Rahel and DJ have been busy working on various business enterprises in order to raise money for a chosen charity in Ukraine, supporting those who are vision impaired.

World Blind Union Unity Fund supports blind and vision impaired people in Ukraine by helping them to rebuild following on from the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Rahel and DJ feel passionate about being able to help and do their bit, by raising money across the NCW school community.

The business duo have so far organised a popular pizza night, where they conducted a survey to find out preferred toppings and flavours. Rahel and DJ prepared the pizzas themselves and with assistance, cooked them in the pizza oven before selling them to students and staff!
They charged a very reasonable £1 per slice.

They’ve also started a car washing service on campus so that staff can pay £5 to have their car cleaned whilst they are at work! Lots of staff have jumped at the opportunity and have benefited from sparkly, gleaming cars to go home in at the end of the day.

Both Rahel and DJ have done a fantastic job, and have been incredibly organised with effective time management to ensure their enterprises were run smoothly.

The team’s final profit of £91.71 will now be donated to the World Blind Union Unity Fund.

A huge well done to Rahel and DJ.

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