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Becoming a Trauma Informed School

As part of our work to become more equipped to support the wellbeing of students, a number of staff have recently undergone training to gain NCW Trauma Informed Schools (TIS) status.

NCW is committed to ensuring that we develop a Trauma and Mental Health Informed Approach which will protect our school community members – staff, children and parents alike.

TIS is a whole school approach to give all adults working at NCW the skills, knowledge and understanding to recognise the impact trauma can have on a child. In addition, it is to help adults working with young people to mitigate the impact of toxic stress, and ensure young people can engage in their learning.

11 members of NCW staff have undergone the training and assessment process to complete a level 5 diploma and become TIS practitioners.

We all need to be trauma aware and do our best to embed it into the culture and values of NCW. We are now making plans to share this training more widely across NCW so that our whole school community can effectively deal with trauma and the impact on young people.

Trauma Informed Schools is an organisation committed to improving the health and wellbeing and ability to learn of the most vulnerable schoolchildren in the UK, namely those who have suffered trauma, abuse, neglect and/or have mental health problems or attachment issues.  It aims to provide appropriate training for schools, communities and organisations so that they become trauma informed and mentally healthy places for all.

Trauma Informed Schools
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