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Indentifying unknown compounds!

Year 11 student Louisa has been busy in Chemistry looking at unknown compounds and how they can be identified through a series of tests.

First, Louisa carried out flame tests to determine the metal ion – this is achieved by heating the ion, which in turn produces different flame colours!
She then added small samples of the chemicals to boiling tubes to test for the non-metal ion.

The flame test showed a green flame which meant that the compound contained copper ions.

Second, Louisa added samples to the boiling tubes ready to test for halide ions. She added nitric acid, and then silver nitrate solution to the sample.
If a white precipitate formed, then the compound was a chloride, if cream; bromide, and finally if it was yellow, the compound was an iodide.

Louisa had fun experimenting and working out which compound was which! 

The Science Department at NCW are passionate about making Science accessible and inclusive to all, and giving students the opportunity to get involved in practical lessons.

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