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The Elves are up to no good!

Buddy and Flo, our resident Elves have been causing a bit of mischief around school in the run up to the Christmas break!

They have visited a different department for each day – here is a round up of where they have been, and what they have been up to!

First up, the Elves thought they’d pay ILS a visit. After rummaging around the cupboards and raiding the fridge, Buddy decided to trap Flo in a Tupperware pot by sitting on it!

On Wednesday they were feeling creative, so decided to help themselves to some materials in Art and recreate the famous ‘Scream’ by Edvard Munch painting.

Thursday saw them visit Room 3, where they decided to wrap up Toby and Corey’s reindeer from top to bottom in toilet paper, and put gloves on his antlers! 

Next on the list was a visit to Ms Gilbert’s SENCo room to find all of the sensory goodies that are usually tucked away, and to hide in the curtains.

On Monday morning, the Marketing team were shocked to find that Buddy and Flo had hijacked their video camera! The naughty elves were making their own silly video with their Christmas friends.

Reception was ransacked on Tuesday where Flo took over the phone and started making calls to her friends, and Buddy climbed all the way up to the top of the Christmas Tree!

The following day, the elves snuck their way into the Wellbeing Hub where they tested out some of medical equipment! Flo took Buddy’s temperature and listened to his chest with a blue stethoscope. We hope he feels better soon!

On the final few days of causing havoc around school, Buddy and Flo visited the languages department and eventually found their way back to Santa who took them home to the North Pole!

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