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Sixth Form visit to Parliament

Sixth Formers, including Politics and Economics students, paid a visit to Parliament last week!

As it was early on a Monday, the group were able to stand on the floor of both the Commons and Lords, seeing the copies of Erskine May (the ‘Bible of Parliamentary procedure’) and the Dispatch box, and going through the Noes lobby.

The group visited the Education Centre and discussed the passing of law before Worcester MP, Robin Walker, came and spoke to students. He described his current role as Chair of the Education Committee, and work he is doing for constituents, as well as discussing the ways in which young people can raise issues. The group raised issues relating to the VI community and CAMHs provision.   

Kaeden said that he found the whole visit ‘really interesting’ and thanked Mr Walker for taking time out of his day. Lily found his discussion of the role of back-benchers really useful!

Students are shown in Westminster Hall, high up the steps from which President Zelensky spoke last week
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