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Super Power Panto!

A Review by Amelie - Year 9

Super Power Panto flyer showing hand bursting through a red background holding a cane

On Tuesday 7 March year 9 of NCW went to see superpower panto at The Courtyard Theatre in Hereford. We are all vision impaired or blind. I am VI so I could see what actors were doing.

I think that the play was very good for VI or blind people; it was interactive and had good in-play audio description. It says on the description that some of the actors are VI as well. The main character in the play was VI which made the story inclusive and interesting.

I think that the storyline was very nice and sweet. The main character is a blind girl – called Sally – who could use echo location to explore her surroundings. There are a group of rich boys who have items that give them superpowers, they bully Sally for her blindness. This makes Sally feel less confident and nervous. The play can get emotional and touching. It gives a lovely message for you to leave the theatre with.

In several parts of the play the actors would ask you to do or say something which gave a nice pantomime theme as well.  We were at the top of the age range but never the less most of us really enjoyed watching/listening to it.

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