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‘Booming Voices’ Poetry Slam success

This term Year 8 have enjoyed putting their creative skills to the test and have delved into the amazing world of poetry. 

Each week they have been lucky enough to have a visit from Aaron – a slam poetry champion from Worcester Theatres. Aaron has helped the group get their creative juices flowing and create amazing poetry and spoken word.  

On 21 June, Year 8 took part in ‘Booming Voices’ at The Swan Theatre Worcester. There was a mix of primary and secondary schools. The morning consisted of workshops followed by a ‘Poetry Slam’ in the afternoon.  

All students took to the stage and performed poems written by themselves with the theme of ‘being in an unfamiliar place.’ Julie Fisher (NCW English teacher) was extremely proud and over the moon with how confident our students performed.

The highlight of the day was the reveal of the winner of the poetry slam…NCW student Natalie! 

Natalie says, ‘When I found out the theme was about being in an unfamiliar place, I wanted to write a poem about a pet that was sent to a shelter. I chose the idea of a pet because it was a little bit different but also still relatable. I really enjoyed the day, especially the poetry slam. This is my first introduction to poetry and I was so surprised to win. I look forward to doing more poetry in the future and think I may have found a new talent.’

Well done to everyone that took part and special thanks to Mrs Fisher and Aaron for inspiring students to embrace the spoken word. 


Image of Natalie standing on the stage of the Swan theatre smiling

Listen below to Natalie’s winning poem.  

Image of Aaron and Natalie
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