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Sports Day 2023 – an indoor event but just as much fun!

image of a student mid air doing the standing long jump

Last year we had a heat wave on sports day and this year it rained. However, when life gives you lemons…make lemonade. And that is certainly what we did! Sports Day became an indoor day with an amazing array of  indoor sports dotted all over the campus. 

 All students were divided into teams, Zeus, Apollo, Poseidon, Artemis and Ares. After a quick briefing in the chapel which involved lots of cheering, students set off to the various activities. 

The first half of the morning consisted of standing long jump in the LRC, a rowing challenge in the gym, paddle boarding in the corridors, medicine ball in the sports hall and tri in Fit4. All students participated and happily cheered on their fellow team mates. The positivity and comradery in the school was sky high! The noisiest event was by far the paddle boarding in the corridors! Students lay on a wheeled board and used their hands to travel along. Other team mates and staff clapped so that some students could tell what direction they needed to travel in. 

The second half of the morning was just as amazing and noisy! There was yoga, boccia, New Age Kurling, a drain pipe challenge and even Cibleball. Cibleball is a unique game to NCW that is used for ball shooting practise. There is a mat with a grid and target with sensors under the mat. When students throw the ball on to the mat, a voice then states the grid location and the points! The drainpipe challenge was interesting and different teams approached it in different ways! The idea being that each team member has a piece of drain pipe and working as a team, them have to get a ball from one end to the other as many times as possible. 

The afternoon was finished off with a swimming gala. The cheers could be heard from all over the grounds of NCW!

Special thanks to Mrs Price and Mrs Wallcroft for a seamless day that all students enjoyed. The weather didn’t dampen any spirits and some enjoyed the indoor version more than the outdoor version!

Well done to everyone that took part!

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