Inspiring, nurturing and empowering young people with a vision impairment.

GCSE results 2023!

“Our brilliant Year 11 students have gained some outstanding results this year.

They have all not only had academic success which will ensure they can carry on to Sixth Form, but they have also worked tremendously hard to gain transferrable skills which has allowed each and every one to be an effective independent learner.

All students have achieved the grades they need to pursue their chosen programme Post-16.

Our students have not only had to cope with remote learning but also with a vision impairment which always adds an extra layer of challenge to their progress.

Our students have developed the resilience and skills to overcome their barriers to learning, and are an absolute credit to themselves, their parents/guardians and to New College Worcester.

We are delighted for each and every one of them, and cannot wait to see them come back in September to join the Sixth Form.”

Will Stark SLT Student Progress from Sep. 23

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