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Braille and Braille Support

Despite the many advances in technology, we believe that learning Braille is still one of the most important things our students can do

Students who use Braille come to us with a wide range of abilities - from beginners to regular users. Depending on their level of visual impairment we can offer a one-to-one, personalised teaching approach to give them the confidence and skills to make Braille a part of their lives.

The ability to read Braille fluently and accurately can be life changing for many of our students, opening up a new world of possibilities.

Student using Perkins Brailler with teacher

Bringing Braille to life

We follow the popular RNIB Fingerprint Course. Its lively soap opera style lets students polish their Braille skills while enjoying the adventures of all their favourite characters.

As their abilities grow we show them how to use a manual Perkins Brailler and the electronic Braillenote system. Once they have reached Grade Two we can also introduce them to specialist Braille codes to help them develop their interest in mathematics, the sciences, modern languages or music.

"Braille was the foundation of my education. It enabled me to access books, to participate in the classroom and to write down my ideas. I was an avid reader, and braille opened up many worlds to me."