Inspiring, nurturing and empowering young people with a vision impairment.
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Decades of Pop! Music Club

A fun music club for any child with a vision impairment – from 10 to teens!

Each week we will look at some of the musical styles of a different decade, starting in the 1950’s and ending with the 21st Century. We’ll share information about the background of the music and its links to what was happening in society at the time.

We’ll listen to music and enjoy some practical music making that doesn’t need an instrument!

Wednesday 10th June – 1950’s – The Origins of Pop

  • How did the pop genre of music start? What were its influences?
  • The importance of The Blues to pop music and how it underpins many popular music styles
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll – how it started and moved from America to Britain

Wednesday 17th June – 1960’s – Music and Art, Politics and Everyday Life

  • The legacy left by the Rock ‘n’ Roll of the 50’s
  • British Pop
  • The influence of the Civil Rights movement on American Folk
  • Motown and Soul
  • Woodstock and beyond

Wednesday 24th June – 1970’s – A Decade of Contrasts

  • A look at how the 70’s provided a bridge from the rebelliousness of the 60’s to the happy-go-lucky songs of the 80’s.
  • We move from:
    • Reggae to Prog Rock
    • Singer Songwriters to Punk and New Wave
    • And…Disco!

Wednesday 1st July – 1980’s – The advent of the Music Video

  • We will look at how MTV changed how music was presented and heard with the music video
  • Styles we will be looking at include; 80’s ‘Pop’, British Heavy Metal, New Wave and Electronic music.
  • Giving back; the rise of the Charity Gig

Wednesday 8th July – 1990’s – Fusion and re-visiting the old

  • We visit America for the rise of Grunge and look at its origins
  • In Britain we have Brit Pop and look at where the origins of this style lay
  • We also have the Battle of the Sexes, with the rise of Boy Bands and Girl Bands


Wednesday 15th July – 21st Century


  • Changes in how and where music is written, produced and shared
  • Do you upload, download, rip, view , copy, sample?
  • The resurgence of the singer songwriter
  • The rise of the DJ and Rappers
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Wed - 15 Jul 20


2:00 pm - 2:45 pm




Your house!
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