Inspiring, nurturing and empowering young people with a vision impairment.
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Summer Tech Chat Club!

We have set aside an hour on a Saturday morning to talk about technology, especially as it applies to living your life as a blind or partially-sighted young person.

  • Open to any child with a vision impairment from 10 to teens, along with a supporting adult if appropriate.
  • Sessions will take place on Google Meet –  we will send you the link to click on for your sessions
We have five sessions before the end of term and, unless specifics come up during the day that are more pressing, we will discuss:

Week 1 – Saturday 2oth June

Reading and accessing visual information, including Braille displays and audiobooks, audio-described theatre, TV and film

Week 2 – Saturday 27th June

Having fun with adapted board /card games, computer games, mobile games and smart speaker skills

Week 3 – Saturday 4th July

Getting out and about with apps for travel and help, including wearable speakers and wireless headphones

Week 4 – Saturday 11th July

An open session for people to talk about tech of their choosing with time for a chance to talk about social distancing with limited or no vision

Week 5 – Saturday 18th July

A look at the tools you’ll need for school: Office applications, being organised with your time using calendars, and top tech tips for being work-ready for September!

Week 6 – MONDAY 27th July

*** Please note change of day!!! ***


We have talked about the importance of having good data entry skills, so this time we’re going to go through, in detail, some specific input methods. We will cover:

  • Braille touchscreen input
  • Brailling in from the computer keyboard
  • Dictation
  • Smart touchscreen keyboards
  • Touchscreen handwriting
  • Touch-typing

Week 7 – Saturday 1st August

Coming soon…

Week 8 – Saturday 8th August

Coming soon…

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Sat - 08 Aug 20


10:00 am - 11:00 am




Your house!


New College Worcester
New College Worcester
01905 763933
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