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Promo image for the Easter Balloon Race. There is a blue sky with clouds and balloons. There is an Easter bunny peeking out from grass at the bottom of the screen and the NCW logo with bunny ears over the 'W'

Virtual Balloon Race

After the success of last year’s balloon race, we are excited to launch this years Easter Balloon Race which will start in Quito, Ecuador on the 9th of April. 

Over 7 days your eco-friendly balloon will battle against real-life weather conditions. You will be able to follow your balloon’s progress on Google Maps and see how far it goes!


Balloons will be £3 to purchase and once you have purchased your balloon, you can name it, decorate it and determine how much helium and the rubber thickness to what you think will win the race!

Instead of buying an Easter Egg for friends, why not gift a ‘balloon’?


The race will feature balloons from a number of charities and you could win:


1: £100 cash
2: Amazon Alexa / Echo Dot 4th Generation!

There will also be a special prize for the NCW balloon that travels the furthest.

How do I buy my balloon?



2. Click ‘Buy balloons for you’ – last chance to buy is 30 minutes before the race

3. Sign in or create an account


4. Pick how many balloons you would like to enter into the race

5. Design your balloon -choose wisely, as this will determine how your balloon flies!


6. Wait for the race to start and track your balloon’s progress, to see if you will be the winner!


Good luck, we hope you have fun watching your balloons adventures!


If you have any questions, please contact Lottie 01905 763933 or email  [email protected]



N.B. Eco-racing are running this fantastic virtual balloon race. For every £3, we will receive £2.25 to help support the running of New College Worcester.

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