Inspiring, nurturing and empowering young people with a vision impairment.

Learn to Access and Access to Learn

Female student sitting at a table using a laptop

Learn to Access and Access to Learn

Accessible TechnologyAt NCW we want students to become as independent as possible. Sometimes, if a student has experienced recent sight loss or has previously been over-supported they may not have an effective medium of work. Learning to become a fluent Braille user and becoming a speech user when using a laptop, can take a long time and we also recognise that a recent loss of sight will often be accompanied by a grieving process and can be met with resistance.

We teach students the skills they need to become fully independent so that they can access their work and learn using a range of skills, giving the student options as to which approach best suits a situation. Until these skills are in place, a student is given support at an appropriate level.

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