Inspiring, nurturing and empowering young people with a vision impairment.

Sixth Form – Transition Planning

Life After School

This module of learning includes future planning, skills and qualities, opportunities for further education (including researching options and applications), CV writing and interview skills.

Looking After Me

This area of learning looks at how to access support as independent adults – from day to day living (accessing the personal shopping service of a major department store) to accessing services for physical, sexual and mental health and wellbeing. Students will also learn financial management, food and nutrition, internet safety and drug awareness.

Participation and Meeting Others

This module includes the importance of socialising and focuses around access to charities and other support networks that can be crucial to a young adult who is visually impaired. It also includes an Enterprise project – planning, implementing and evaluating a business idea.

Careers Guidance & Work Experience

Careers provision at NCW is different from that in a mainstream school. Our Careers Coordinator has personal experience of sight loss, experience of mainstream and specialist education, higher education and the voluntary sector and – of course – paid meaningful employment.

Preparation for work is integrated throughout students’ entire time with us, not just at the end of the year. It forms part of each senior student’s personalised learning programme and evidenced studies show great progression in those students who pursue strong skills for the world of work early on.

A visual impairment presents complex challenges for those keen to enter the workplace on many levels. Self-advocacy is one of the most important skills for someone in this position; so confidence-building exercises, detailed planning sessions for the direction of students’ futures and regular, broad-spectrum discussions on all topics relevant to employment.

We draw upon the experiences of our former students and successful pillars of the blind and visually impaired community to come and share with our students their own personal, specific journeys. These often show that low vision can present barriers, but when overcome, the relationship between blind employee and employer is often stronger as a result.

Practical work experience complements learning in the classroom and all NCW students complete a week of work experience towards the end of Year 12, appropriate to their skills and abilities and in line with their career dreams and aspirations.

Applying to University

The majority of NCW Sixth Form Leavers go on to study at their first choice of University.

Sixth Form teaching staff and Key Workers help guide students through that process – supporting in all aspects of this major transition. From subject choice to accessing financial support, from travelling to Open Days through to orientation in their new environments and to be there at the crucial times when confidence can waiver.

In the summer term students receive the buzzword which means they can start their application form. The buzzword is unique to NCW and allows students to set up an account through the college. Head of Sixth Form, Mrs Holyoak, can also see their application and support.

For guidance directly from UCAS click on the link below:

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