Inspiring, nurturing and empowering young people with a vision impairment.

Education Partnerships

Whether your school is a first, primary, middle, high or secondary school,  we would love to partner with you in some way.

Examples of how you we can work together include;

Partner with us

Adopt NCW as your school’s Charity of the Year and hold a range of fundraisers to support children who are blind or vision impaired.

Hold a fundraiser

Your school could have a one-off fundraiser to raise money for NCW.

Have a Go Orange or non uniform day for NCW Day!

If you decide to ‘go orange’ for one day or have a non uniform day, Lottie from our Fundraising Team would love to come and spend the day with you at your school.  

Lottie can do a special assembly to talk about New College Worcester and  then hold workshops for each class with the aim to educate and spread awareness of what it might be like to be blind or vision impaired.

Popular activities that children enjoy are learning about braille with eggs, testing their listening skills whilst blindfolded and cane training.

Our workshops are not only fun, but can raise awareness of disability in your school. At the end of the workshop, the children will appreciate some of the challenges that blind and partially sighted people overcome each day. 

As well as the feel good factor you will have from supporting such a good cause, we can also help publicise your good work and partnership via our website and social media accounts – letting the world know what a great school you are! 


Schools - Go orange assembly
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