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Year 9 Residential

A group of excited Year 9 students eagerly packed their bags and were whisked off to Aberdovey for 5 days of action-packed residential fun!

Arriving on the beach, the group enjoyed a spot of lunch and a run around on the sand before heading off to the Outward Bound education centre to be welcomed and get settled.

The much anticipated first activity was the ‘Jog and Dip’, where students jogged down to the water’s edge and took a chilly dunk in the sea!

Tuesday was the much loved trapeze jump where some students faced their fear of heights, followed by exploration of a nearby mine and attempting the challenge wall!

Canoeing on the river was on the cards for Wednesday, followed by a boat ride over the Dyfi estuary and a quick swim.

The group then spent a day in Barmouth, where they had a go at climbing and got cosy around a beach fire to roast marshmellows!

The week’s final challenge was the much-loved jetty jumping! The jetty is a famous, iconic landmark in the village of Aberdovey, and the students were very eager to have a go!

Well done to everyone for pushing themselves out of their comfort zone!

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