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European Adventures

As part of the EU-funded Erasmus project NCW is involved in with schools from five other countries in Europe, some KS3 students have experienced the life and rich culture of Romania and Bulgaria.

Staff were also able to visit the local mayor’s offices to find out more about the local communities and their plans for the future.

In March, Mr Snowdon and Mrs James led a visit to Santau in Romania. Students were excited to discover that this is actually in Transylvania! After an initial test for resilience when the Bulgarian party were delayed and our group had to suffer waiting in the Burger King near Budapest airport until the coach left, the students found out about the Roman origins of the country, as well as modern culture. Carys enjoyed seeing a farm, and Tom enjoyed the mini golf down the salt mine. Daniel has admitted to being less keen on learning Romanian folk dances!

In early May, Mrs Belton and Mrs Tappenden took a group to Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. They were in the centre of the city so this was a very different experience. However, they did get up into the mountains and visited an Eastern Orthodox monastery – the mixture of Slavic and Ottoman influence on the architecture was certainly something that impressed the staff. A large part of all trips is meeting and socialising with young people from across Europe. Rahel particularly enjoyed the beat boxing and singing in the talent show, and dancing with everyone at the leaving party.

Everyone was grateful for the hospitality provided by the Host schools and the friendship of everyone from across the Continent.

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