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Dots go camping in Barmouth

Students in Dot’s house enjoyed an activity packed camping trip in Barmouth, organised by NCW’s Activity Department. Here is an account of what they got up to from Ali, Senior Houseparent, and students!

Ali: “We were so lucky with the weather as it enabled all the plans that Phil and Megan had organised to go ahead. Tandem riding with George in more ways than one never to be forgotten! Amelie and her enthusiasm for exploring, paddling with Kacey and the 6.30am breakfast with Leo and Jamie. It was a weekend not easily forgotten with an amazing bunch of students, Dan cooking up camping delights and the way all staff played their part in making sure the students had a weekend to remember.

Amelie: “My favourite bits of the weekend were tandem riding and visiting the castle. Tandem riding was on Saturday and the castle visit was on Sunday, which was the day we left. The tandem ride was great because we got to bike around the forest and the seaside and it was lots of fun and good exercise! I enjoyed the castle because I love to explore and climb around – also, it was fun to learn a bit of history. I learned about all the different defences the castle had like the ditches and the drawbridge.”

George: “I’ve only been garden camping before, so I was excited to go proper camping! We went tandem riding, and had a barbeque and we did some exploring. The funniest part of the weekend was when me and Ali fell off the tandem! Her foot got stuck trying to do a ‘Dan turn’ (Dan from the 6th form does sharp turns) and both of our trousers got really dirty! A bit after we fell off, we got ice cream and I had a strawberry one which was absolutely delicious!”

Kacey: “We left at ten on Saturday and after we arrived we did a tandem ride which I really enjoyed, especially when we stopped off and had an ice cream. Then, later, we went for a nice walk in the woods which gave me a good appetite for the hot dogs we had for tea; they were yummy! On Sunday, we went to the beach and paddled in the sea – it was really good. I liked the whole weekend and I would go again!”

Jamie: “Enjoyed every minute of the experience” really loved the BBQ tea and the breakfast baps. Confidence boosted to try new things”.

Leo: “I actually enjoyed all of the camping trip, but especially the camp fire and BBQ. I liked the peacefulness of the camp site. Tandem riding with Dan was fun and even though it was really hot going around the castle, Phil gave us lots of information about the history and we were allowed to explore and climb. It was so nice to be with my friends, sharing a tent with Jamie and George and great not having to shower. I would definitely go again… but maybe for a little longer”.  

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