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Celebrating our International Connection Project

Spanish studying students across NCW received some very different lessons as part of a special international project in conjunction with schools in Spain and Germany!

The ‘International Connection’ project jointly ran by schools NCW, ONCE (Alicante, Spain) and BLISTA (Marburg, Germany) aims to bring students together whilst learning about different cultures. NCW has over the years built great working relationships with both schools, taking part in exchange trips amongst other shared projects.

Running over the week (Monday 5 July – Friday 9 July), students attended remote lessons with their international peers, taught by QTVIs in Germany and Spain! It was great to see the dynamic between students, and how, even virtually, they were able to work together. Some of the themes and topics of learning from over the week have included food and drink, sports and music!

Well done to all students who took part! There were lots of smiles and laughter filling the MFL corridor.

Students receiving a remote Spanish lesson from Spain
Students receiving a remote Spanish lesson all the way from Spain!
Learning the Macarena
Students receiving their international remote lesson
Screenshot of remote lesson
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