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Success in A-Level Results despite a difficult year!

Despite experiencing a turbulent year, as have all educational settings, NCW students have continued to work hard and remain focused on their academic work through challenges such as remote learning and returning to a school not quite as they knew it!

On Tuesday 10 August, Sixth Form students received their A-Level results. We are proud of each and every one of them!

Nic Ross, Principal of NCW, congratulated: “We are delighted with the A-level (and equivalent) results for our students. Despite the difficulties associated with the last year, all of our students have shown real resilience – their hard work has been rewarded with some really excellent exam results.” 

It is wonderful to say that following the positive exam results, all students are now able to go on to their chosen pathway. 

In year 13, Martha gained A grades in both English Literature and Psychology.  Millie achieved A grades in Sociology and English Literature, and a B in History. 

Reef is taking up further study at the Royal National College for the Blind, and has also accepted a place at University to study Art.

Alex is staying at NCW to begin our first ever apprenticeship in IT support – he is well qualified for this with a B in Computer Science.

The outlook is also very positive for our year 12 students, who secured some excellent results in their AS (and equivalent) exams.

Well done to Tobias and Sophia for gaining an A grade in Music. Mustafa has earned a B in Psychology and English Literature which is fantastic.

Congratulations and well done to all students on their results – the hard work really did pay off!

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