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Triathlon Trials!

Senior students Ollie and Thomas put staff and fellow students through their paces recently at an all day indoor triathlon which they organised as part of their BTEC Sport Level 2 course.

The remit was to organise and run a sporting event, including the publicity, format, participants and the order of the day.

Setting up in the Fit4Purpose multigym those taking part were taken through a warm up by Ollie and Thomas before competing in teams on bikes, rowing machines and running machines. A much needed cool down followed!

Times were logged by the scorer (also recruited by the boys) so the results could be analysed and the winners identified.

It was a great atmosphere with motivational music, shouts of encouragement and some high octane physical effort from the athletes.

Ollie said “Motivation is key! It’s going really well and I’ve really enjoyed it”

Thomas said “It’s going pretty well, everyone has tried their hardest. I was very nervous but it’s going really well and I think we have organised it well!”

Well done, Ollie and Tom, great work!

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