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James and the Giant Peach

Student Khadijah in James and Giant Peach
James and Giant Peach
Phoebe, Nathalie A, Khadija and Klara on stage

Many, many hours of planning, hard work and rehearsals came to fruition at the end of term with the staging of this year’s production ‘James and the Giant Peach’.

A collaboration between the Drama Department, Music Department and with contributors from all over the school community it was a huge undertaking to plan a record-breaking run of three shows over three days.

Following an all-morning dress rehearsal, the first audience to take their seats were from a local Primary School, who absolutely loved it. With one show under their belts the cast were more than ready for the VIP evening and a final morning to share with parents and families.

One VIP audience member said:

“Please pass on our thanks and compliments to all of the adults and pupils who contributed to this evening’s successful ‘ James and the Giant Peach ‘ Production. My husband and I loved the confident, amusing and entertaining show.

The Giant Peach travellers were a lively, watchable and dare I say a ‘ cute bunch’. Insects , humans and tech crew contributed to a marvellous night’s entertainment . The delivery, camaraderie and mutual support shown by all participants suggested that there was a high level of enjoyment and commitment. Their performance was infectious. Well done on stage and off stage!

The actors wore wonderful costumes absolutely befitting the characters. Nobody was confused as to who was who. The appropriate, predominantly black and orange character costumes enhanced the aesthetic appeal. The splash of colour, addition of wings, legs and headwear left us in no doubt as to the role being played by a cast who demonstrated good enunciation and volume.

Everyone should be very proud of Tuesday night’s show which was engaging and polished. I have high regard for the thorough preparation which must have gone on to ensure the night’s smooth running.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Well done to everyone!

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