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‘The Sound of Music’

Recently a group of students were lucky enough to go to ‘The Sound of Music’ at The Swan Theatre in Worcester. Rahel and Isy have written a marvellous review:

Last Tuesday we went to the Swan Theatre to see The Sound of Music. We touched a lot of props on the touch tour like Maria’s bed, Maria’s guitar, Captain Von Trapp’s whistle and a 1930’s radio that speaks German because the musical is set in Austria, pre-World War Two. The touch tour took place onstage and back stage and I found the Orchestra Pit close to the stage. The touch tour was given by  Ben, the stage Manager and he announced the instruments used such as a Trumpet, Trombone, Flute, Clarinet and the Keyboards along with many other instruments.

Rahel tried on the nut seller’s tray with a strap which was very heavy. We loved sitting on Captain Von Trapp’s two seater sofa. It was a bit of a squash and a squeeze.

At the beginning of the show, there was an overture of The Sound of Music which is a musical introduction where I could hear the orchestra playing loud and clear and it was enjoyable. The audience went wild with clapping and cheering after the song, ‘Climb Every Mountain ‘. The singing was amazing and I found it better compared to the film, Broadway and West End cast recordings.

image of staff and students on the stage set of the musical

Every line was known by the cast and Mrs Fisher amazingly applied audio description. This improved my theatre experience as she told me of the stage directions and movements that were taking place. There was audience participation in the finale where everyone joined in to sing ‘Do Re Mi’.

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