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Have you seen the NCW allotment?

Green-fingered Year 8 student Lawson, has been working hard at creating an amazing allotment within the NCW grounds. 

As part of his thematic course, Lawson decided to create a vegetable garden, greenhouse, and even a sensory garden area within the grounds of NCW. Using literacy and numeracy skills,  Lawson has planned, measured, researched and even built the garden. With the help of Mrs Ridley and our Premises Team, he has built raised beds for growing out of timber. He has even taken full responsibility for weeding, planting and watering.

Staff and Students were asked what vegetables they would like to see being grown in the garden and Lawson received over 100 replies! With his research in hand, he has planted the garden and we look forward to seeing (and hopefully tasting) the produce from his hard work. Lawson also hopes to try some of the vegetables he has grown (but not tomatos!) and then share the produce with the NCW catering team. 

Come rain or shine, Lawson can often be found in the allotment wearing his wellies, digging, weeding and planting – all with a smile on his face!

Amazing work Lawson, well done!  

Image of Lawson digging using a trowel
image of the raised beds with plants growing. The greenhouse is in the background
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