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An actioned packed week for years 7 and 8!

Years 7 and 8 have had an actioned pack week filled with exciting activities and adventures! From paddle boarding, bushcraft skills to bowling – they have done it all! 

On Monday morning, students from years 7 and 8 embarked on a 4-day programme of activities – a fantastic way to finish for half term. The day started with problem-solving activities at Lakeside Top Barn where they had to work as a team and using only ropes, safely rescue a ‘bomb.’ The next problem-solving activity required good communication skills and teamwork where students had to roll up a ground sheet, whilst standing on it and not stepping off! Sounds simple but it was very hard! Next, they put on wetsuits and took to the water and enjoyed paddle boarding in the sun. A quick picnic was followed by climbing at Red Point and then after dinner a walk in the Malvern Hills.

On Tuesday the group canoed 5 miles downriver from Fladbury to Pershore. Everyone loved being on the river, most kept dry and the weather was kind. In the evening everyone made the famous NCW pizzas and then went off bowling. All students slept very well that evening! 

On Wednesday everyone climbed in the minibus and set off to the Forest Of Dean. Students explored the Forest of Dean Sculpture Walk and loved finding the sculptures along the way. Next was the Amazing Maze, the students liked finding their way in and out of the maze. A few students got lost but were helped out by fellow students – Maxwell even memorised the route! The evening finished with a traditional bonfire and BBQ. Everyone relished the sausages, burgers and s’mores. Roasting marshmallows was a particular favourite!

And finally day 4! Students have been learning bushcraft skills all day. They have been making their own shelter and enjoying a day in the wild! 

Well done years 7 and 8. We are sure you will sleep well after all the fresh air!  


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