Inspiring, nurturing and empowering young people with a vision impairment.

Two classrooms refurbished thanks to the Vinchel Foundation

We are thrilled that thanks to the Vinchel Foundation, two classrooms have been refurbished this term. The RE room and one of the English rooms have had a fabulous transformation. Students and staff are enjoying learning and teaching in spaces that have been designed around accessibility and vision impairment needs. 

The Vinchel Foundation supports people who are blind or vision impaired in the UK and internationally, along with their families and carers. The Foundation has a focus on education of blind and vision impaired young people and on the advancement of scientific knowledge of causes and treatments for vision impairment.

The classrooms now have features such as controlled lighting, interactive TV screens, new desks with power points and blackout blinds to name a few. The rooms feel fresh, modern and an accessible space where great learning can happen. 

We asked Year 9 what they thought of the rooms and it was a resounding “amazing, brilliant and much improved.” Year 9 also liked the horse shoe layout of the room and enjoyed making use of the centre area as a stage to re-enact scenes from their favourite books! 

The video below, gives a tour of the RE room. [The video shows the new blue carpet, orange chairs and tables with built in power points. There is lots of storage cupboards at either end of the room and a whiteboard with an interactive TV screen behind it. There are spotlights in the ceiling above each desk and the windows have blackout blinds. Mrs Barter has a Sunflower picture in the style of Van Gough inbetweeen the windows] 

Mrs Barter is thrilled with the new room! 

Special thanks once again to the Vinchel Foundation for supporting NCW and making it the refurbishment possible. The rooms will now be known as ‘The Vinchel Suite’ to mark their kind generosity. 

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