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NCW student takes to the air waves on Radio Vectis

NCW student Leo has taken his love of radio to a whole other level by joining the team at Radio Vectis. Leo is part of the “Short Breaks Saturday Sessions” and is very much enjoying being on air during holidays and home weekends! The show has been such a success that they have even been nominated for a Community Radio Award! 

Leo said, “I am finding it very enjoyable! My favourite part is being able to talk on the air knowing that lots of people can hear my voice. In the beginning, I was very nervous but that only lasted an hour or so! I love announcing the songs and the station is even thinking about getting an embosser to print Braille for me. I would then be able to read scripts live on air! They play decent music and I have found a few songs that I hadn’t heard before and I actually quite like, such as older songs from the 90’s. When on air, I somehow just know what to say. I would love to have a career as a radio DJ when I leave NCW.”   

“Vectis Radio runs the Short breaks Saturday Sessions every Saturday morning between 10 & 1. The young participants all have additional needs and attend to gain confidence and communication skills whilst having fun in the hectic atmosphere of a live radio show. The sessions are funded by the Isle of Wight Council. Leo joined us recently and has dived straight in, he clearly has a passion for radio and the medium is particularly suitable for those with additional visual needs. At the station, we are always learning too and Leo is the first Braille user to come into our studios; so we are looking at how we can facilitate that within our systems. Leo has infectious enthusiasm and has a great name for a presenter! ‘You are listening to Leo Lake on Vectis Radio FM 104.6’ has a ring to it, don’t you think?”

Kelvin Currie
Vectis Radio CIC

If you would like to hear clips of last weeks show, please see below!

Well done Leo! 

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