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Students visit the Royal Shakespeare Company and perform on stage

🎭 Recently Year 10 and 11 students had the opportunity to perform on the stage at the Royal Shakespeare Company! Yes, that’s right….the famous RSC! 🎭
RSC has been running a series of events aimed at making theatre more inclusive and accessible for those with other needs. Our students were more than delighted to attend and watch a production of Macbeth. The day included what they labelled an ‘unwrapped’ session. This meant students got a touch tour, an opportunity to explore the costumes and a talk by the sound designer who explained and played some of her sounds. As part of this they focused on the witches and the sounds she had designed.
The students then got the opportunity to recite some of the witches’ lines as the sounds of their choice were played. This was all on the main stage of the RSC!
Afterwards, students enjoyed a fully audio described performance. As this was a ‘relaxed’ performance it meant the actors gave an introduction and the band came on to demonstrate what they were going to play. The students very much appreciated it.
The performance itself was very enjoyable and the students loved it. A number of them even asked: “When can we come again?”
Thank you RSC! ⭐
Image of students on the stage exploring the props
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