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NCW gifted a magnificent piano from the RNIB

We’re ecstatic to have received a magnificent Grand Piano as a gift from the Royal National Institute of Blind People.  
The RNIB knows of the passion our students have for playing the piano. Hence, when they needed to find a new home for their Bechstein piano, they had no doubt we would accept it with immediate delight.
The magnificent Bechstein now proudly resides in our chapel and looks absolutely stunning. We look forward to hearing its beautiful tone for many years to come.
We have been able to research its history and we believe it was shipped to C. Bechstein in London in 1901. Ledger for the piano
Special thanks to RNIB. We are beyond grateful for this generous gift that our students so enjoy playing.
photo of the grand piano in the chapel at NCW. The piano is open and the string scan be seen inside
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