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Year 9 students take part in GCHQ’s National Language Competition

Last week, Year 9 took part in GCHQ’s National Language Competition 2023, which aims to inspire language learning in friendly competition with schools from around the UK.
Each lunchtime, students completed puzzle-solving tasks and put their language skills to the test! Students were given a secret spy name unique to them. They had names such as ‘Thankful Patient Koala’ and ‘Beautiful Brave Reindeer’ and competed in an online arena solving capture-the-flag challenges.
In one task they had to decipher the language of hedgehogs and in another, they had to explore the etymology of various words to crack a code. 
Lawson said, “I have really enjoyed it! It took us a while crack the hedgehog language and it has been fun.”
Well done Year 9!
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