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International Women’s Day

Plaque to commemorate Eliza Warrington by whose generosity this building was made possible

Eliza Warrington

International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate, commemorate and honour women’s accomplishments, raise awareness about gender disparities and discrimination, as well as promote global support for women.

Today at NCW, we would like to pay tribute to Miss Eliza Warrington. Eliza was a philanthropist who lived at ‘The Belvedere’ on the eastern slope of the Malvern Hills.  During her life she donated to many local projects, including a new building for the Malvern Wells Church of England School.

In 1887, our college was based at Slaughter’s Court, a rented house in Powick and this is where the importance of Miss Eliza Warrington comes in to the history of NCW. Eliza donated the land on the Whittington Road site where we still reside today and donated money towards the school building. In 1902 the college had a new permanent home all thanks to her. The main part of the school building is still known as the Warrington wing.

Unfortunately, Eliza Warrington died in 1901 before she was able to see the project completed. Eliza Warrington’s portrait is proudly displayed in the college chapel today.

Today, the portrait was passed around various members of staff and pupils to remember her.

So today, on International Women’s Day, we thank Eliza Warrington for her generosity which has had a positive impact on the many lives of VI children across the whole of the UK. Thank you Eliza.

If you would like to find out more about the history of NCW please click here.


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