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Year 9 Residential Trip

The Year 9 Residential Trip to The Outward Bound Trust Centre in Aberdovey was a HUGE success! Speedboats, bush craft, jetty jumping, rock climbing, waterfalls and canoeing…they conquered it all and came back with huge smiles on their faces! 

This half term, Year 9 enjoyed a packed 5 days and 4 nights of activities at The Outward Bound Trust Centre. They climbed and scrambled the cliffs along the bay, canoed in the Dovey estuary, drove power boats and even swam in the sea! They also enjoyed an Exploration Day on the Wednesday where they went waterfall hunting, explored mines, built camp fires, drank hot chocolate and even cooked bread dough on their campfires. The group even did the famous ‘NCW jetty jump’  and swam back to shore. 


The students had the best time. I was very proud to watching them grow in confidence and take on new challenges. My favourite moment was Isabelle screaming in delight when driving the power boat!

Students returned to NCW on the Friday with new skills, experiences and memories. Thank you to the team at the centre that worked so hard supporting our students and making all activities accessible. 

The activities were amazing. My favourite thing was the day when we had food and a campfire by the waterfalls - it was beautiful!

I enjoyed going down to the sea. I even swam in it! It was so much fun driving the power boat - we went so fast. Isabelle even did doughnuts on the boat!

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