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Grade 8 distinctions for Klara, Daniel, Lydia and Isabelle!

group image of the four students smiling

Meet NCW students Klara, Daniel, Lydia and Isabelle. All four students recently sat their Grade 8 Singing exam and ALL have achieved a distinction!    

Klara is no stranger to the limelight and has been wowing NCW audiences for years.  Klara is a huge Musical Theatre fan and achieved her Grade 8 Distinction in this genre. For one of her pieces she performed, “I’d Rather Be Me” from “Mean Girls.” Klara loved getting into character and enjoyed the risk that the character takes. Singing brings happiness and escapism to Klara and she is looking forward to working towards a Diploma in singing. When Klara leaves NCW she is keen to find a choir and Musical Theatre group at university. Well done Klara!

image of all four students on the lawn
image of all four students on the lawn cheering

Daniel amazingly has only had singing lessons for two years. He went straight in at Grade 6 and then jumped to Grade 8. Daniel is a classical singer and enjoyed performing the Innuendo from Barber of Seville as one of his pieces. Daniel is also a keen linguist and often bolsters his Modern Foreign Language skills by singing in a different language. He loves “bringing emotions to an audience” and will now go on to do a Diploma in Classical Music. Daniel will be leaving NCW at the end of this year to study German and Music at university.  Congratulations Daniel on this amazing achievement!    

Lydia chose pop genre for her Grade 8 and was delighted to achieve a distinction. Lydia’s pieces included “Take Me to Church” (with lyrics changed to Christian lyrics), “Not the Only One” and “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” 

Lydia’s next step is a Diploma in classical singing. When Lydia leaves NCW she would like to continue singing in church and choirs. Classical music is her favourite. Lydia’s performances will be sorely missed when she leaves NCW. Lydia often brings her audience to tears and is often described as having “the voice of an angel.”

Congratulations Lydia!  

Lydia recently performed “Bridge Over Troubled Water” at a student-led concert. See below:  

Isabelle chose Musical Theatre for her genre and was ecstatic to receive a distinction. She performed “Never Fall in Love with an Elf” as one of her pieces for the exams.  This song was also a huge crowd pleaser in the NCW Christmas concert and got everyone in the Christmas spirit. See below to hear her captivating performance!  

Isabelle’s recent performance from ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ in a student-led concert was  equally amazing and can be seen below:

Isabelle would like to venture into the world of classical music and loves singing as it makes her “feel good and so happy”. Well done Isabelle! 

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