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NCW students inspire railway to introduce a Braille Map at Foregate Street Station

Image of a student exploring the map with their hands

The ability to get around our campus, and the wider world, with confidence is central to the future success of our students. In lessons, the emphasis is on developing transferable skills for life beyond New College Worcester. All of the skills taught are fundamental to enable our students to become confident and competent travellers who can participate in their communities and have a fulfilled lifestyle. As part of our students’ mobility lessons, they often venture out to Worcester Foregate Street train station with a Mobility Officer and work on their train skills.

On a recent Mobility lesson, NCW students Lawson and George and NCW Mobility Officer Mrs Jones, discovered a tactile, Braille and large print map of the station. The map enables someone with a vision impairment to successfully navigate around the station and is inclusive to all. Curious to find out more, they spoke to a member of staff at the station and discovered that West Midlands Railway and the RNIB identified and recognised that NCW students use the station frequently. They were keen to improve the customer experience at the station for people with a vision impairment.

The map was designed and completed in conjunction with the help of RNIB and now is proudly displayed at the station.

I loved the map! I've never seen anything like it before. It was in Grade 1 Braille which is perfect for me. I wish there were more maps this this!

We are delighted that we have a braille and large print map in one of our three local train stations. These maps will help improve accessibility and orientation for our students and help develop a greater understanding of Worcester Foregate Street.

A huge thank you to West Midlands Rail and the RNIB for taking the time to make the station more accessible. No doubt the map will be used by VI community for many years to come and make a huge difference to how people navigate around the station.

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