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International Student success – Meet Erik!

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For over 30 years, NCW has had a long-standing partnership with Blista. Blista is a nationwide competence centre for people with blindness and visual impairment as well as an open and lively educational and meeting place for young and old in Marburg, Germany . 

Erik is a student at Blista and when they contacted NCW and asked if Erik could come and study here at NCW, we were of course delighted to host him for 6 months. 

Pre-COVID NCW had done many, many exchanges with Blista. These exchanges have enabled our students to experience a different culture and submerge themselves in the German language. A past NCW student even did a work experience placement in Marburg. Marburg is a special city that is known as “a city for the blind” where there are countless adaptations for people with a vision impairment.  

The NCW community has enjoyed having Erik for 6 months and is sad to see him return to Germany. At Celebration Day, staff and students were able to celebrate the achievements of our students and this included Erik. Erik was awarded two awards: “KS5 Special Award” and “The Speakers Award for Inspiring Others.” We wish him well in the future, hope that he keeps in contact and visits us again soon. 

IMage of Erik sat by the fountain at NCW holding his trophies smiling
Erik started the school late in the year and knew he was only here for a short space of time. Erik is a friendly young man who built friendships quickly, this could have been far more challenging but Erik made it easy with his approach. As part of his induction Erik was keen to work on his mobility, and would spend free time navigating the school. He can often be found in the corridor showing a huge interest in the tactile maps and has been seen sharing his knowledge with other students. Erik’s time has been short and he will be missed by staff and students alike. We wish he could stay for longer.
Rachel Perks
Mrs Perks
Principal - Speech from Celebration Day
It was a pleasure having Erik in German lessons. He really helped the A level students understand the political, cultural and social changes that are occurring in Germany at the moment. Danke Erik!
Mr Ian Lythgoe
MFL Teacher
The reason for my decision to come over here was originally to improve my English skills, but after the first few weeks, I already realised that there are many difference in lifestyle and culture between Germany and England that I didn't Expect. Of course were there also a few difficult situations in the beginning but all in all were these a good practice and a chance to learn how to manage those issues. I also learned a lot of new stuff in my lessons here and last but not least met I many different people that helped me to settle in and some of them are now friends. I enjoyed my time here and it was a really interesting experience.
IMage of Erik sat by the fountain at NCW holding his trophies smiling
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